This is your dream. Which means it needs to be given the best chance to succeed. Many times, clients hear “brand design” and think this just involves a logo. While a beautifully-designed logo is a part of the larger Brand Design umbrella, it’s not the only aspect of a well-designed brand. Brand Design is the development of every representation of your business, from visual design (logo/colors/fonts) to digital presence (websites/social media) to printed materials (business cards/marketing flyers). High-quality logos and branding is important. If you’re looking for a beautiful logo to match your budding dream-come-to-life, we should be your first conversation. What people see when they interact with your brand matters, and we know how to make it a meaningful and impactful first impression.

We offer three packages for brand and logo design ranging from a basic beautiful logo to a fully-loaded branding package delivered with a logo, business card designs, marketing flyers, social media images, consultation calls, and more. We also offer a la carte services that allow for you to build your own package that perfectly fits your dream’s needs.

Minimum investment $300




Websites are the first way to carve out a place for your dream on the internet with full control of how it looks and feels. It’s 2019, and it’s important that brands have a beautiful presence on the internet beyond social media platforms. We design Squarespace websites and Blogger blogs based on your branding and logo. From full web designs and builds to add-ons to maintenance, we do it all!

Minimum Investment: $300 blog / $2,000 web




Many of our clients find that maintaining their websites, posting on social media, and making new marketing collateral puts too much pressure on their business in the midst of running a new brand. Take the worry out of doing this right, let us run these things so you can get back to making your dream a reality. Manda Julaine Designs can partner with clients to maintain online presence and be on-hand for ongoing design work. We work with clients on budgets to continue to provide brand collateral that continues to get their message across.

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