For more than 5 years, Manda Julaine Designs has been trusted by dreamers across the United States, making dreams come alive as a full-service logo/brand design and marketing agency with an emphasis on personal touches right from the start. Because that’s a part of our story, too.

In 2014, Amanda Stichter founded Manda Julaine Designs as she worked to bring her own dream to life through raising funds for the adoption of her daughter, Madison. She had a dream that she was willing to chase that would provide flexibility for her family life as a mom. In the process of making her own dream real Amanda found that she loved working in branding and marketing with a focus on building a personal, good-natured relationship with her clients. Amanda fell in love with designing through a personal approach and has since served hundreds of clients across the country doing just that.

Dreams are precious and fragile things, they are the fire that drives us to keep working. We pride ourselves in safe-guarding and growing theses dreams as we guide clients through the unknown of visual branding with knowledge and nurture. Your dreams are important to us – and they deserve every chance for survival and flourishing.